The Adventure Junkies is a place to learn more about a new outdoor activity without any knowledge or previous experience required. By combining actionable digital resources and a supportive online community, they make getting out into nature a possibility for anyone. The Hiking resource page in one of my favorites! The Day Hiking Resources page at The […]

Top 20 Outdoor Blogs! I enjoy exploring blogs about outdoor adventure activities, and I am sure some of you do also! These are some resources to share with your students as you finish your school year and plan for your next summer adventure! Blogs are a great way to learn more about activities you were introduced to […]

In this day and age of technological breakthroughs, everyone would agree that it has its pros and cons. While mobile phones, the Internet, or the basic computer have made everyone’s lives better, it is still undeniable that this technology has also caused a few other activities to be pushed aside. Walk around the streets and […]

SUMMER SAFETY IN THE OUTDOORS Staying safe in the heat and humidity The No. 1 concern for summer safety is the heat issue. “Heat affects old and young. It does not discriminate. If you don’t catch dehydration early, it becomes heat stroke,”. Here are some of the signs of dehydration to watch for: · Chills […]

From Bonnie Newcombe, Outdoor Adventures Manager.  Yea! It’s feeling more and more like fall!  I hope your year is off to a good start! Archery is one of the BEST units in the OA curriculum.  It is a sport in which all people can participate. If your students think it is toooooo hard for them, […]

For naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts, smartphones can be an amazing tool for learning about the natural world, collecting data and navigating the outdoors